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The Denis Kitchen Art Agency (DKAA), founded in 1991 by publisher, author, and cartoonist Denis Kitchen, represents certain artists and estates for the sale of original art and/or literary rights.

If you're interested in purchasing quality original comic art, go to our  ONLINE ART GALLERY & STORE.


DKAA exclusively represents:
WILL EISNER ESTATE for the sale of Will Eisner Original Art from classic 1940s-50s Spirit art to Eisner’s groundbreaking graphic novels. Art currently available is featured in our Comic Art Gallery. If you don’t see the Eisner art you are interested in acquiring, email: orders at deniskitchen dot com. If you are interested in any literary rights or permission rights for Will Eisner, contact help at deniskitchen dot com.

HARVEY KURTZMAN ESTATE for the sale of Kurtzman Art, from surviving 1940s illustrations to his 1950s Jungle Book to 60s Goodman Beaver, “Little Annie Fanny” and beyond. If you don’t see the Eisner art you are interested in acquiring, email: orders at deniskitchen dot com. If you are interested in any literary rights or permission rights for Will Eisner, contact denis at kitchen and lind dot com or john at kitchenandlind dot com.

PETER POPLASKI. This versatile award-winning illustrator, cartoonist and painter has created numerous covers for such characters or titles as Superman and Batman (DC Comics), Steve Canyon, Li'l Abner, Corporate Crime and Nard n’ Pat (Kitchen Sink), Shmoo and Crime Does Not Pay (Dark Horse), Gen of Hiroshima (Educomics) and others.

A notorious style mimic, he drew an Alan Moore "Tom Strong" story mimicking C.C. Beck, faked out Al Capp’s own family, has ghosted for R. Crumb, and Milton Caniff himself couldn’t distinguish an actual Caniff page from a Poplaski copy. If Pete wasn't so honest he'd be drawing flawless hundred dollar bills. He also paints wonderful landscapes, still lifes and portraits. Go to
Peter Poplaski Art or for commissions contact orders at deniskitchen dot com. To view Pete in action as his hero Zorro, just look him up on Youtube.

FRANK STACK (aka Foolbert Sturgeon). Frank Stack Art. Considered by many the very first “underground” cartoonist, he created the ongoing Jesus series, Dorman's Doggie, Amazon Comics, Dr. Feelgood and other classic underground comix, sometimes working with the late Harvey Pekar. DKAA offers primarily Frank’s comic art, but his watercolor paintings are also available on request.

HOWARD CRUSE. Howard’s powerful graphic novel Stuck Rubber Baby has won wide accolades, while his Barefootz series created countless giggles during the underground comix era. Wendel (see the new collection from Rizzoli/Universe) and his work for the groundbreaking Gay Comix evoke both smiles and sometimes painful insights. Go to Howard Cruse Art for wonderful examples of his comic art.

DENIS KITCHEN, himself an artist, seldom sells his originals, but Steve Krupp’s Gallery & Curio Shoppe exclusively offers his signed Steve Krupp serigraph and 50-level signed 3-D print, and signed copies of the Oddly Compelling art of Denis Kitchen (Dark Horse, 2010).

If you want an actual Kitchen original he is doing original drawings on the back cover of his newest book,
Chipboard Sketchbook. For special commissions contact orders at deniskitchen dot com. Wearing another hat, he has co-authored The Art of Harvey Kurtzman: Mad Genius with Paul Buhle (Abrams, 2009) and Underground Classics: The Transformation of Comics into COMIX, with James Danky (Abrams, 2009), co-authored with Michael Schumacher a biography of Al Capp.

Literary Rights Only:

PETE VON SHOLLY, when not doing storyboards for big budget movies (Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption, Mars Attacks, The Mist, and many others), creates outrageous political satire books such as Capitol Hell (DKP) and Repuglicans (Boom) or peculiar fumetti/art crossovers such as Morbid and Extremely Weird Stories (Dark Horse). But his favorite genre is horror: keep an eye open for The Zombie Pop-Up Book, Spinecrawler and Monster Mural.

TOM ANDRAE. The professor and pop culture expert’s newest book is Siegel & Shuster’s Funnyman: The First Jewish Superhero (Feral House). He is currently hard at work on a definitive Superman book and another on the animation art of Carl Barks. 


If you have quality original cartoon art or illustrations to sell or consign, or you have any questions related to DKAA and/or its clients, email: orders at deniskitchen dot com

(Do NOT call if you are seeking representation or career advice).

Snail Mail:

Denis Kitchen Art Agency
P.O. Box 2250
Amherst, MA

Business Hours:

Monday - Friday
10 am to 6 pm Eastern Time
Phone: 413-259-1627

If you are interested in acquiring original artwork by any of the above artists (as well as some artists not listed above) click Original Comic Book Art Gallery and view the choice items on display. Not everything in our inventory is visible on-line, so don't be shy about asking.
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